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  • Change;
    It requires intellect when it concerns tactics.
    It requires introspection when it concerns the soul.
    And then resilience, in order to endure.
    The Flexible Mind
  • And the harshest my fever is, and thus deeper my delirium.
    The clearer my vision, and sharper my lucidity.
    Changing the genomes
  • It's when you have expectations of people, or a situation,
    That you make yourself most vulnerable, for a disappointing negotiation.
    Too high hopes
  • Life is a peaceful ocean, when free to be alone.
    No headaches & no heartbreaks
  • Strength, is calm inside, whilst the cyclone rages outside.
  • Pain is but a relative term;
    At a certain juncture, it's all a matter of a sturdy resilience.
  • You can hope for possibilities, yet not for the impossible.
    Unable to change
  • My freedom ends, where your entitlements begin.
    A liberated mind
  • When you live with eyes half closed, your perceptions will also be half whole.
    Inside a box
  • The physical body gets sick, so the emotional mind can heal.
    Bone-deep fever
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