Quotations From PINAKI DEWAN

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  • she is whole as a dewdrop sticking to a cobweb
    Pinaki Dewan
  • Is this prismatic place really just a cage?
    Pinaki Dewan
  • And hatred seeps into the window
    blocking light from within,
    and the roof crumbles into the skin,
    and the teardrops like cinders glow.
    Pinaki Dewan
  • Like ink to water,
    Like diversity to death,
    Like money to fire,
    Like skin to a spearhead,
    What are we
    But specks to eternity?
    Pinaki Dewan
  • life is a fissure
    upon the most uniform
    surface of death
    Pinaki Dewan
  • it is in the aorta of darkness
    not some mere shadow
    that i find my will to thrive
    Pinaki Dewan
  • tomorrow let's begin
    to climb every black ladder
    to reach a bluer harmony
    Pinaki Dewan
  • Textile moon, starry umbel, udder of darkness:
    Uncork the unbearable lightness of sleep;
    So, I may cry tonight.
    Pinaki Dewan
  • and everything hides itself
    within the shadows
    of feral nature
    Pinaki Dewan
  • an invective
    against the small things
    this mammoth wasteland
    Pinaki Dewan
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