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  • Emotions

    Emotions are like the high tides of the sea,
    it has its ups and downs, soon the slow waves will smooth things over, But the storm is truly never over.
    until your story truly end.

    Poetic Judy Emery
    our mind of a human is like this, it has its good day and the bad ones.
  • The wisdom
    of what others may call a fool, shines higher than the one that is calling one the fool.
    Wise is the one that keeps on moving even when others try so hard to make to stumble.
  • 'Life is real, and the future is ahead. Jump right on in it and start living in reality.'
    'Reality may have pain, love, sorrow etc. But that is life, only you can change the steps you walk in.' Poetic Judy Emery
  • 'Saying the words I love you, is an easy thing to say'
    But living up to those words, can be a very hard thing to do.' Poetic Judy Emery
  • 'Life is a challenge,
    Yet, so am I.' Poetic Judy Emery
  • ''Wild nights!
    Oh, wild nights! you are the luxury,
    that plays upon my memories.
    Wild Nights! are to me- word games - of deep memories.'' Poetic Judy Emery
  • My emotions I write in ink-
    my attitude belongs to me-
    my life my choices.....
    Only I can make the changes- no one can do them for me. Poetic Judy Emery
  • Like A Butterfly

    If you love someone so much
    let them fly like a beautiful butterfly-
    And if that beautiful butterfly fly's back to you- then you know you are the match of its true love. Poetic Judy Emery
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