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  • Time and again we see so many people but our eyes observe only few of them.
  • We meet so many people in our life. We talk to them and begin to know few things about them. But sometimes we don't need to talk to the person in actual and begin to know everything about the person.
  • Love is like shine of the sun... It illuminates the whole world and drags away the darkness likewise love ignites feelings in ones heart and drags away his pessimistic thoughts regarding the outside world.
    Random Thoughts
  • Love someone who loves you back. But if you start loving someone who hates you in return then you will get hurt the most than anyone in the whole world.
  • The foremost cause of feeling low at times is the high expectations that we carry. If our expectations are low, we will always feel high or satisfied in life.
    Life Rule
  • When it's not important everything goes fine but, when we pray for things to go fine it never happens so...
  • We, human think ourselves to be superior of all but have we ever thought how superior that creature is who created us? ? ?
  • sometimes we meet some people and without knowing them or even without having a sight of their portrait we get an unusual feeling and feel like we are dragged towards them....
  • When someone you value the most starts ignoring you... hurts the most...: '(
  • Never trust strangers, even if they are your friends.
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