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  • When i'm fustrated, I get motivated to do the best. My fustration and anger is my catalyst to the best in life
  • An exam is neither a two way thing nor is it a punishment. An exam is a path we all must pass through.
  • I might delay in making that call, delay in sending you that sweet text, delay in meeting you, I might delay in bosting to the world that I have princess for the lady of my life


    I will never delay in loving and adoring you
    Preston Mwiinga
  • The best things done are done best if you engage your heart as a catalyst.
  • When we allow Politics we we die with regrets for the rest of our live. we will no longer be classified as humans but something else. this is why i am saying, 'We were all humans until Tribe and race disconnected
    us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth
    classified us. Where is this world going? what have we
    become, ? Why hate another for belonging to a certain tribe? '
  • The impossible possibility, God can make the impossible possibility possible.
  • The one who loves the most, will always get hurt the most, always leave a room for disappointments, otherwise you many crush.
    Love and hurt
  • Family is not always about blood, but about the people who choose to stay with you and stand with you in all needs.
  • Data is in the people around you. learn to share what you have, on your own you may not be the best custodian of what what you have. but in the people you interact with, you will be able to find refuge when in trouble
  • What if we all Love each other? What if we all Preach Peace? What if we all embrace Unity? Say NO! to Political Violence, We are One. Politics should Not separate us
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