Quotations From PRODIP KUMAR

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  • Without words life can't find its meaning completely. Try to arrange the words to make the life meaningful.
    Life is meaningful.
  • Staying on the ground, if you think you can walk on the river, it will be a foolish work. First you must find a bridge to stand there. Then start walking on the river.
    One shouldn't think foolish.
  • A real man doesn't want to love the most beautiful girl of the world. He must love the girl who makes his world most beautiful.
    Concept of Love
  • There are two types of person in this society. One says I know everything whereas the other says I know but what I know.
    Types of person
  • A good friend is not for a moment but for every moment.
    Good friend
  • He who can laugh keeping his pain behind is a great man. I always try to laugh when something makes me unhappy.
  • If something gives you pain, try to accept it to be a perfect one.
    the reality of pain
  • The world is highly ambitious and I possess a little part of it.
    Opinion towards the present world.
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