Quotations From PUSHKAR BISHT

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  • 'Whenever we are surrounded by negative people or negative vibration, our whole energy gets divided. It's better to be quiet and calm at that moment and concentrate on all your energy that comes from within. Keep your energy within yourself and feel the joy of it every moment.'
  • 'Silence is the best key to energy. It takes you where you want to go. Silence means, 'when your mind is quiet empty from all thoughts'.
  • 'All the creativity, arts, imagination, observation & knowledge is a part of deep silence in mind, where no thought or logic works but your energy that makes you do even the impossible task in an easy way''.
  • ''Live in the tune of your soul, this is the best way to live your life''.
  • ''Store nothing because you have to depart from this world one day. Live each moment in enlightenment & awareness''.
  • ''People's thoughts are their own experience they go through or they take it from others. People don't know how to receive beautiful thoughts from soul because their materialistic things have become their life''.
  • ''A luxurious life is no life at all on this world, A life with kind thoughts is a life which brings you all the wisdom through which you can look at the beauty of this life'.
  • 'If your thoughts are ugly then you will never be able to see the beauty of life'
  • 'Kindness never goes unrewarded, it pays you in the long run'
  • 'A Genius breaks all the rules, makes his own rules. When he dies, The world gives him a salute'
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