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  • Meditation is a silent moment of reckoning-of God's beckoning; a moment of silence, and spiritual clearance…
    My Poem titled 'Meditation'
  • Mindfulness is mindlessness…when the soul searches for fullness-
    My poem titled, 'Mindfulness'
  • Jealousies, insecurities and vanities loom ever so large…Shall we ever have a place, in Noah's barge?
    My poem titled, 'Only Human'
  • 'Time holds nothing but itself, and does not for ever go.'
    My poem titled, 'My Father'.
  • 'There are two kinds of people- the living and the dead-
    And the two belong to different worlds
    Without any meeting point! '
    A poem dedicated to my Mother, titled, 'My Dear Mother'
  • 'Life's moments are like waves in the sea,
    ripples, on the standing water-'
    My poem titled, 'Life's Moments'
  • 'Remember, it is the chosen ones
    who are put to test...'
    My poem titled, 'Sometimes'
  • 'Sunrise makes the sun come,
    Making sure, it must go.'
    My poem titled, 'Come and go'
  • 'Surely... Mankind,
    your final passage needs be more refined! '
    My poem titled, 'The Final Passage'
  • 'Yet the warm and benign presence
    of the aged parents,
    feels like the most comfortable and precious zone
    Which, when snatched, leaves us forlorn.'
    My poem titled, 'A Daughter's Agony'
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