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  • Women of ambition we are what we are dream big think big successful is worth an effort building up hope lift a children spirit make a big different never yell at a child cause they will looked up to you career women are too busy focusing on job and family.
    career Women
  • Gossip is just a wasted of time people talk for purpose they have nothing to do its human nature no matter how hard people bring you down nothing can ever effect your end bring down people will always be there clear yourself from negativity surround yourself with positive vibes
    Gossip is not my cup of tea
  • When high hope meet a man temptations they fall for you in a knack of time who hear you out without you noticing whom admire and loves your beauty from your inner heart reflect through your brightness smile in every relationship there always ups and down to maintain without distance between two souls understanding within an honesty advice when question may lead you through and required is the main priority voice out and hear out and strong understanding in a calmer of manners which lead to stronger bonding in relationships
    -stronger relationships among partner -
  • I free my heartache once twice all the struggle that mark my pathway i trance you in reaching you through stormy weather in summer day through rainy fall of cold embrace air

    heart strength that dawdling that maybe froze in silent no words expressed in your secure of logging embrace with open arm within your open heart where the heart heal somehow sorrow fade away like if it ain't there
    you hold the heart of my that one shatter million times you place it with

    I let go of the obstacles that brutal that leading no where when promises became empty when action meaningless
    when high hopes don't meet proposal when chances lose faith and hope within us walking forward with no words is better then saying goodbye
    -shatter heart-
  • sometime you learn the hardest moment that past teach you the lost which missing in between sometime heartache fade away when your heart ain't aware of losing someone is a task that lead you to a better someone finding someone is not the actual answer finding what felt right that secure your heart

    Don't let go the one who have high hope on you that meet togetherness no matter how risky may you pathway maybe leading you through who excepted you for whom you are through your flawless and your flaw an open arm that secure your heart whatever may come your way through shatter through happiness
    -Knowing the one who hold your heart is the one who won't let you go-
  • If you hold a heart of someone and if that someone hold your heart withing secure you treasure them
    don't let them go

    the moment if you lost the one you love is a apart of a trial that lead you somewhere through your up and downfall through tears of sorrow soulmate come into your life when it appropriate time and finalized if your heart felt secure
    if only you ready to except the person and that person who excepted you for whom you are is the key to open the door to your happiness is to be positive well manner
    If a guy truly love you they hold your heart
    Logging of high hope meet of togetherness
  • Beauty soul is expensive beauty with a transparency heart bright within a smile loving heart within an open-minded and open arm
    people always come and go some mark a foot print within your journey kindness persona get shatter without or with knowing ain't revenge but let go surrounded yourself with positive vibes ignore the bring down bring down persona will be bring down gossip will always be gossip but the brave one will know you and dare to ask you in person rather then hearing false detail that bruting around the corner.
    Kindess persona
  • The real cowered among cowered is the one who try to bring you down for the goodness within you poser will always be poser they never learn how to speak the true but shatter the true within the lies that created among other's people run they're mount because they can't reach the goal that meet your successful in the filling career that you are in you eventually absent yourself among poser and clear you air and breathing and step away from all the negativity that has been put you through surrounded yourself with positivity and surrounded yourself with who admire your persona and your well behaving.
    solving your inner self and srrounded yourself with positive vibe
  • sometime love kisses us which shatters the heart that cant rest its take a longer year to be alright once your heart is free out of danger realizing and free from what trouble you the fool is the one whom poser promise and lead of betrayal and when you let go all that behind you
    you let go everything that hunt you through the faker of promise and through that hopeless a wait without even an action and wake away without seeing behind you but learn from it caused you let go the best things in life the real love that was once purest within you that no longer yours and you left and walk away without looking back that marking memory through vision caused you have limit of feting the hurt and reality that has shatter your heart you let go and walk away caused false promise never meet the upcoming married but betrayal feelings with torn both souls and heart high hopes shatter sometime one door meant to be closing and sometime that door meant for learning it worth of opening the next door loyal people will never be around much if they been rejected plenty of time and taken advantaged of its persona
    learning the high hope that shatter promises and overcome
  • The sweeties revenged which isn't revenged is the laughter and a bright smile that kills the people who try to put you down remember no one can ever can bring down your self-esteem
    sweet revenged
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