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  • Don't jugged me in a narrow way don't pull me in your negativity I throw myself out caused I know the true thanks for the hate if negativity is what you want to say I'm walking out I won't leave foot print behind
    This is the impact of being brave hope its help other to over come
  • The best part when its came to loving you because love warm two hearts and two souls combine in One…
    Hope this help other in finding the perfect person
  • I maybe a cover girl but I don't used much of make-up 24 hours or high heel every day I maybe a vocalist a poet of my own I'm real not fake.
    To all the covers girls out there.
  • You can be beautiful without make-up only cream that give us a natural looked lip-glosses and eye-liner worth of famine that made you eye catching look
    Natural looked of famine
  • Be polite be mannerly be understanding be open-minded be realistic
  • Some woman don't feel to be unfinished without make-up a perfect shoes or either matching jewelry for a day.
    -Woman zone-
  • For a perfect fitting chose of shoes' is the way you wear it comfortably through the years of month shoes may come in pointy heels flat and boots.
    -Shoes madness-
  • Every dress designed differently every woman comes in different shape and height trying a different kind of dress make you chose the right dress and make you finalized which is comfortable that suitable for your shape.
    The best brand of Black chanel dress
  • Crown prince and queen
    question of acknowledge beauty of mind
    a walk of pageants
    admire of beauty one stag we stand
    aisle we walk through
    different nation we stand as one
    beauty not just beauty smile not just smile
    beauty is from inside out reflected the face
    colors and beauty come together
    smile bright the daylight
    celebrity sweetheart pageant
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