Quotations From QINISO MOGALE

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  • Mistakes must serve as lessons equipping the people who made the mistakes not to repeat the same mistakes in future. Future generations must also learn from such mistakes: that's the sole necessity of History. History was never meant to repeat itself
    Repeated mistakes
  • We often run other peoples races neglecting our own races in the process. On judgement day we have to account for our own races and I wonder what will most people tell God?
    Envying others
  • Material treasures can not be taken to the spirit World. Most people are concerned with temporary things. The devil has them exactly where he wants them.
  • Let all live knowing all shall die. Death has no favorites.
  • Emotions and faith have never complimented each other; instead they have always competed against each other.
    Emotions and faith
  • We can never outrun God Almighty because He is Everywhere; it is a futile exercise which would be best realised whilst one is still young.
  • Many need to understand that in exercising their rights they should not step on other people's rights.
  • Our souls must not be sold to the devil no matter how much money he offers.
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