Quotations From RAJAT GHOSH

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  • Be positive, think positive, look positive, do positive.Success must come to you.
    Key to Success
  • Don't think that somebody hates you, but do something that makes everybody to love you.
    key to success
  • Let not advertise your talents, but convert your talents into a media for others to advertise their talents.
    Key to Success
  • Respect your seniors and love your juniors, you will get success in life.
    Key to Success.
  • If the world would become a single house, if the different countries would become the different rooms and if the different people would become different furniture, I would coloured them all with white.
  • True friendship has a beginning without an ending....
  • A dog is more desirable than a faithless-friend.
  • Every single event can be translated into poetry.
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