Quotations From RAEGAN BUTCHER

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  • “Prison is like high school with knives.”
  • “anyone who has no feelings for animals has a dead heart.”
    Raegan Butcher, Rusty String Quartet
  • “I used to sit and cry and hold a loaded gun up to my head but I chose a slower way of being dead”
    Raegan Butcher, Stone Hotel: Poems From Prison
  • “There is nothing like scrubbing toilets for a living to make you question the choices you have made in life.”
    Raegan Butcher, Rusty String Quartet
  • “I eat the hearts of girls and puke slugs and snails.”
    Raegan Butcher, End of the World Graffiti
  • “If I had grown up in a stable household with two well-adjusted and loving parents studied hard in school graduated with honors gone to college gotten a degree found a decent job met a wonderful girl fallen in love gotten married and lived happily ever after what in the hell would I have to write about?”
    Raegan Butcher, Stone Hotel: Poems From Prison
  • “I used to wonder what I was doing wrong. Now I know: just about everything.”
    Raegan Butcher, Stone Hotel
  • “You pray to God to save you. Ill stick with Smith & Wesson. Well see who is alive in the morning.”
    Raegan Butcher, Night of the Chupacabra
  • “Being in prison for seven years was like being in an army that never drilled, never deployed, and only fought itself.”
  • “it’s depressing
    what a man
    can get used to”
    Raegan Butcher, Stone Hotel
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