Quotations From RAMEEZA NASIM

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  • 'Staring on my easel
    I gently stroked on the canvas
    from my very soul
    the color of hope'
    Rameeza Nasim, Absolute Nothingness.
  • 'You claim that you love me more than my sins
    much more than my kins
    with all emptiness and thirst
    I look up to You
    waiting for Your final stroke
    and ultimately I will be blessed...'
    Rameeza Nasim, Absolute Nothingness
  • 'There are not only sweet dreams
    That only fuel desires,
    There are also one that aspires.
    Dreams are milestones
    Dreams are divine zones
    Dreams are illuminations
    Dreams are revelations
    Dream on!
    Dream on! '
    Rameeza Nasim, Dreaming Inspirational quote
  • 'I'm trapped in a cul-de-sac
    there is no way out
    and I can't go back! '
    Rameeza Nasim, Haiku
  • 'Say it once
    What you have to
    Without employing puns
    Say it once! '
    Rameeza Nasim, Say It Once
  • 'All you need is to remember
    that truth is handsomer
    than a prolonged slumber.
    Say it once! '
    Rameeza Nasim, Say It Once
  • 'It rained
    Rained the whole night
    But the Sun did shine
    The next day
    Brighter like never before! '
    by Rameeza Nasim, It Rained like never Before, Quote on Heartbreak, Hope and Faith
  • 'In the dungeon
    Of my heart
    I have kept you
    Love Quote by Rameeza Nasim, Prisoner of Heartland
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