Quotations From RAMESH KAVDIA

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  • Lust is like skin of onion finally you find nothing.
    lust leads to an emptiness.
  • Lust is like the skin of fruit while love is the real juice.
    The misunderstanding between love and lust.
  • Human being can destroy any speices but cannot produce any speices.
    Balancing evolution.
  • Defining infinite and god always lead to illusion, still both infinite and god exists.
    Mind is incomplete.
  • The real life is the journey after death not after birth.
    The secret of death.
  • Money collection is the highest addiction of this world and also money is the most unfaithful. It can leave you suddenly.
    The secret of money.
  • God was one, god is one, god will be one always like mother is always one. It is the mind viewing with different angles create differences.
    Oh my God, what I said.
  • Politicians have only black color in their drawings which is color of fear and lies.
    The inside truth of politicians.
  • The language of God is silence, Thehouse of God is invisible and the message of God is love.
    Just feeling godliness.
  • Terrorism is created by weapon dealers and drug mafias who's marketing agents are corrupt politicians.
    What do you say?
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