Quotations From RAPHEAL TOYOSI

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  • If U Are Lucky Enough To Have Someone That Is Always There for U Never Take Them For Granted
    A Friend
  • The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intention
    Poet Ralph
  • Never Harbour Idleness An Idle Hand Is Designed For Mission Of Vendetta And Regrets Await An Idle Hand
    Poet Ralph
  • Time Misused Is A Thorn That Pinches The Heart Forever
  • Spend Your Time Wisely Like Naira Note
    Classify Your Time Like Budget
    Caculate Your Time Excellently Like Mathematics
    Time Wasted Is A Thorn That Pinches The Heart Forever.
    Quoted from My Poem 'Time Travel'
  • 'Impossibility Is Found In The Dictionary Of Fools' Today Impossibility Is Tommorrow Opportunity.
    Quoted From My Poem 'Never Say Never'
  • Destiny Is What Humans Encounter
    According To The Creator
    We Are Pencils! Pencils! ! Pencils! ! !
    In The Hand Of The Creator
  • Let He That Have Ear Listen
    Let He That Have Eyes See Vanity Everywhere
    Let He That Have Heart Thinks Of The Last Day
    This World Of A Thing Is 'Vanity Upon Vanity'
    Quoted From 'Vanity Upon Vanity' A Poem Written By Poet Ralph
  • Life Is A Journey
    To Salvation And Destruction
    Contraditing But On The Same Mission To Be Commission
    Poet Ralph
  • Learn To Endorse Oneself Down To A Sink When You Mood Swing
    Poet Ralph
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