Quotations From RAY LUCERO

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  • After 70;
    'Life is too short for long-term commitments'
    ROTMS Original thought/quote
  • First love doesn't get a second chance
  • Take responsibility and atone for what is yours and let go of what isn't yours

    This came to me after a family squabble
  • Falling in love can be painful when not fulfilled...
    Written by ROTMS
  • 'My life is full of happiness and joy,
    I wish I would have seen it sooner! '
  • 'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent'
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  • 'You cannot change a river's course by simply putting your hand in the water'
  • 'Anything you see with love is truth'
  • 'History, public education, science, religion, politics and media all lie. Satan, his minions and human stooges for eons have run this planet. The only truth is the human soul and it's connection to The Greater Reality. Nothing can fix things except Cataclysm and global reset, as has been for millions of years.'

    Personal Observation...
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