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  • The heart bares more love than all the hate bared by the mind
    and still all is from the mind...
    Raynolds Moseamedi
  • death is a fool who skipped school and now stealing from those who made it.
  • Life is not your friend but the best of it, feel what it brings not what is in it.
  • Pain is not to be endured, we just have to look at it in an adventurous way.
  • My idiosyncracity defines another me hiding from the open world, when time set revealed a Kho-kho bird shalt pop out.
  • Ostensibly we breathe the same Oxygen, but we don not exhale the same Carbon dioxide.
  • 'The greatest memories are those that are hard to forget and easy to remember.'
  • Instead of hating and rejecting our imperfections, we should embrace them for they are the diamonds of being.
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