Quotations From ROBERT PLESE

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  • Draw a circle, impose a line. When do men not project their deficiencies?
    Nature/God vs. Structuralism/Man's God
  • Your purpose in life is the pursuit of a predictable rhythm. Your purpose is simply...to Know.
  • Humility is a dish best eaten convincingly.
    While a play on the old 'revenge is a dish best served cold' phrasing, I chose this to examine how humans tend to act for others rather than be true to the descriptor. A cold killer doesn't talk about revenge, he just is. A humble man, just is and need not act.
  • My win or loss only hurts the one who cares.
    Thought of this while gaming with a friend. Questioned why some people can't seem to handle winning and loosing. Why they don't appreciate the opportunity for adventure. Turn's out it has to do with the focus, obsession, predisposition to compare and contrast thinking (OCD/PATTERN MIMICRY) .
  • Look upon the horror,
    of those who would fight another,
    for a piece of the prize that is given them,
    by men who would be their masters.

    Lest we forget! !
    War, Remembrance day quote
  • It is ironically unwise,
    to be wise
    and still make no impact.
    Wisdom requires advocacy, social action, and a voice.
  • Predictability is consistently the place we suckle to for our warmth.
    Our reliance on predictability is largely connected to our need for security and familiarity. Tradition, control, pattern are all evidences of the insecure attached individual crying out for their soother.
  • That's the problem with competitiveness,
    you run over the one's that no longer are.
    Rebuke of capitalism
  • happiness = reality / expectations. At least that's what my textbook says.
    Idea of happiness
  • The circle is the most perplexing of shapes.

    Draw a circle and impose a line.
    In reflection over our need to create linear structure, when 'God don't draw in straight lines.'
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