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  • 'Have you ever been lucky enough to figure out where your dreams come from? I have. I've written many poems about a place that I have only been to in my dreams. This beautiful place is called Korea.'
    - Ronald J Chapman 2013
    From Ronald J Chapman's Book 'Dreams'
  • 'I've gone to Korea. Took a detour to heaven to say hi to my Angel and ask her if she would like to come with me first.'
    Ronald J Chapman 2015
  • 'Your voice is precious. You should treat it like diamonds and gold. But never locked up in a safe. You should always wear it for everyone to see and hear.'
    Ronald J Chapman 2015
  • 'Lots of guys dream about beautiful women. I dream about a place where beautiful women live.'
    Ronald J Chapman 2015
  • 'So close yet so far.
    I can still wait to return home. After all. I lived there a thousand years ago. It's my destiny.'

    시인 롸널드
    꿈꾸는 사람
    -Ronald j Chapman July 19,2015
  • 'Please always remember our age is only a number. When we keep our childhood memories in our hearts, we will remain young forever.'
    -Ronald J Chapman 2015
    Dedicated to DJ Jenny Jo of Arirang Radio Seoul Korea
  • 'The quickest way to your dream is always to choose the most beautiful path in life.'
    by Ronald J Chapman November 15,2015 Dedicated to my friend Romanian singer Evelyne Cojocar.
  • 'Rivers and streams slow dancing through space and time on their way to their final destiny, the sea creating the new, soil-rich delta that nourishes sparkling new life.' - Ronald Chapman 2015
    - Ronald Chapman 2015
  • Do you know the story of Romeo and Juliet?
    Do you know who Rosaline was?
    'Tiffany Hwang is my Rosaline. Korea is my Juliet.'
    - Ronald Chapman January 29,2016
  • 'We dream so big that we need to sell tickets to our dreams.'
    - Ron Chapman January 15,2016
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