Quotations From ROSEANN V. SHAWIAK

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  • God is very holy within,
    it is I who keep tarnishing Him.
    2: 16 p.m. 2/16/94 Copyright: February,1994.
  • Whatever will be, cannot be known until it is.

    That is the tremendous burden of being human.
  • I am who I am, until I am not.
    The eternal question - who am I?
  • I'm not interested, I'll just listen.
    It is self-explanatory.
  • I am going to continue living as I die, no sense in wasting the time of my life!
    Just thinking of dying and living.
  • No one wants to be bored by knowledge belonging to another,
    but written into a poem it becomes a wisdom to be acknowledged.
    Having been quiet all my life, listening, writing what I have learned in poems, inspired this quotation.
  • Our minds always move the quill in the silence of our thoughts.
    About writing.
  • Life may be a bowl of cherries, but it sure has a lot of pits! ! !
    That's life! !
  • I receive more from the positiveness of my being
    than through the negativity of other people.
    Just seeing how others are so negative versus how positive I am in life.
  • Time nurtures.
    Spending money wastes moments of time
    that could have been spent in loving
    and nurturing your children.
    Thinking of how parents spend time making money and not enough time with their children.
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