Quotations From RUSSELL BANKS

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  • “Go, my book, and help destroy the world as it is.”
    Russell Banks, Continental Drift
  • “Loyalty is weird, it kicks in when you dont expect it and the people who deserve loyalty least seem to get it the most.”
  • “Lists of books we re-read and books we cant finish tell more about us than about the relative worth of the books themselves”
  • “If you dedicate your attention to discipline in your life you become smarter while you are writing than while you are hanging out with your pals or in any other line of work.”
  • “One hates a person for the same reason one loves him ”
  • “They were gone and I missed them but even so I was very happy. For the rest of my life no matter where on this planet earth I went and no matter how scared or confused I got, I could wait until dark and look up into the night sky and see my three friends again and my heart would swell with love of them and make me strong and clearheaded.”
  • “When you are a long way from where you think you belong, you will attach yourself to people you would otherwise ignore or even dislike.”
    Russell Banks, Trailerpark
  • “Boys like it when you talk to them as if they were grown men—at least he always did when he was a kid—because they pretend that’s what they are anyhow, grown-up men, and they do it for their entire lives.”
    Russell Banks, Lost Memory of Skin
  • “But when you’re a kid it’s like you’re wearing these binoculars strapped to your eyes and you can’t see anything except what’s in the dead center of the lenses”
    Russell Banks, Rule of the Bone
  • “What you believe matters, however. It’s all anyone has to act on. And since what you do is who you are, your actions define you. If you don’t believe anything is true simply because you can’t logically prove what’s true, you won’t do anything. You won’t be anything. You’ll end up spending your life in a rocking chair looking out at the horizon waiting for an answer that never comes. You might as well be dead. It’s an old philosophical problem.”
    Russell Banks, Lost Memory of Skin
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