Quotations From RYSON D'SOUZA

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  • Analyse Before You Finalize'
    Your thoughts are powerful. If you know how to express it..
  • When you climb;
    Don't count your steps.....
    it will only make you tired...
    Instead focus on your Destination.....
    - Ryson D'souza
    Simple Thought
  • Haters Makes Me Stronger
    Critics Makes Me Powerful
    Cause They Point Out my Mistakes
    Motivate Me Towards Perfection
    Never be underestimated.. Think positive
  • Work To Make Your Life Wonderful
    Don't Let Your Work overpower your Life
    Make Life Miserable
    Approach towards work
  • 'Talent is an Inbuilt Configuration in every human being
    that is used by some and unknown by a many! ! '
  • 'Dreams are thoughts that comes in your mind; when you are a sleep'
  • 'Gaining experience is my motive...
    Sharing experience is my Goal..
    Learn the hard way & make it easy for the others..'
    Knowledge Sharing....
  • The truth of life is that reality is not acceptable by human... And the human that accepts reality is denied to be true..
    Fact of life
  • To be the best you don't have to beat the best... You just Need to Move on without giving up! !
    Believe in yourself
  • Life is an Open Play Ground Surrounded by competitors..
    If you can face them and move ahead...
    you can Achieve your Goal...
    Else your are clean bowled..
    Life Ways....
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