Quotations From S.D. TIWARI

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  • What's the beauty of life; is the darkness of tomorrow.
  • बड़ों का फर्ज
    प्यार और सुरक्षा
    छोटों का कर्ज
  • चलो क्यों न जिंदगी की कुछ गति घटा लें,
    यूँ हम थोड़े लंबे समय तक चल लेंगे।

    - एस० डी० तिवारी

    Why don't we reduce speed of life,
    by this we can walk for bit more of time.

    S. D. Tiwari
  • हमें देखना
    आग नहीं देखती
    क्या है जलाना

    fire doesn't see
    what is to be toasted
    that we have to see
  • Though unscientific, English is a language of science.
  • Every popular person had a day, he was not known to any one.
  • I prefer to have my glass, always half empty;
    who knows, something better may fall to fill.
    philosophy, half full or half empty
  • The actor who plays role of a soldier earns millions and the real hero, who dies in a action for his nation, hardly gets true reward.
    Life, society, patriotism
  • Impressed with the virtual world so much, we hardly explore the real one, and assume virtual faces to be true.
    Philosophy life
  • If I can see the world today, a day would come; the world would see me.
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