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  • 'If you love someone don't beg anything except their time & Little love as you need time for understand each other.Always love doesn't mean for physical intimacy, it's the intimacy of two soul who understand each other without saying a single word.'
  • 'Life is never ending story, it comprises of LOVE, PAIN & SMILE! '
    Sweta leena panda
  • 'Sometimes i feel even Wild animals knows the value of Love & kindness! '
  • 'Hell & heaven begins a man's choice.'
  • 'WHY, WHAT & HOW are the keys to knowledge.'
  • 'Courage is the price of Success! '
  • 'Fame is like a vapor, handle with care then only you can capture it in the bottle! '
  • 'Never hurry up when you love someone as Sometimes the person you fall for is n't ready to catch you, so wait a while & Think twice'
  • 'I don't care all rules & regulations as rules & regulations are man made I care those rules & regulations which are helpful to mankind'
  • 'A man's reputation Hide within his deeds! '
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