Quotations From SAI TEJA

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  • Without her life will be in an another way..But u have the life..If u want only her then ur present life will suffer many ways...💞💞💞💞💔💔
    To My Friends
  • TRUTH..You know it
    LIE..It knows me
    And LIFE..It's U..So believe in U..
    My Feeling
  • In our life...
    HAPPINESS: - Don't stop till u get it now
    HATE: - Love me again
    CHILDHOOD: - Baby i know u gonna miss me
    FAILURE: - I wanna Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow u..
  • Don't forward ur PAST...It will pause ur FUTURE..So record the play of ur PRESENT
    Quote of the Day
  • Lots of love...Must be SHARE..
    Loved one..Must to be CARE..
    Loneliness..One must be ready to BARE it
    So be BRAVE and make ur life FAIR
    Be with Ur Attitude
  • To Live Every Second & Every Moment I need 365 Dreams,12 Monsoons,24 Hobbies,1440 Memorable Messages, And at last But not least 86400 Soulmates (Just 4 Fun) 😘😘😘😘
    My life
  • Children Needs The Free Of Education Not Free Education
  • Dream Of Hope Will Be Fulfilled By A True Friend
    Dream Of Love Will Be Fulfilled By A True Heart
    But A Dream Of Self Satisfaction Can Never Be Fulfilled By Anyone
  • If you Play the Past it Pause your Present and Stop's Your Future...So Don't Do That In Your Life
  • Every Thing Is Possible If u r Capable
    Every Moment Is Great Full If u r Heart Full
    Every One is Helpful If u r Trust Full
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