Quotations From SARAH MKHONZA

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  • When you see a dark corner, flash a light to someone. They will catch it and shine it back. The world will be brighter and better after you leave.
    Thanks to my teachers and the work they did in me. Mrs. Mdwara, Gordon Thomas, Obita Skhosana, Malachi Makhubela 'The Old Timer', and others.
  • The power of a loud sneeze is not in who did the sneezing but, but how far it is heard.
    Reach out and change the world. Write and not talk because that will be read everywhere. Viva Poets and Writers!
  • Develop webbed feet because you can walk on land and water.
    In honor of the ducks and what they teach us.
  • Do not sing into someone's ear. Whisper or they will push you away.
    Being humane
  • Power-steering your life. You are the driver. Fuel it with words of power and not make your circumstances drain you. In you is a power force.
  • When you hear the lowveld sentinel run. There will be no excuse for you heard it.
  • When joy becomes a rare commodity, whisper the word into the sand. It will answer back as it did in the past. For that is when you saw joy, for you looked hard into the sand. And sprinkled joy all over with your feet,
  • Your hand has five fingers, which all turn when you turn the key that opens the door and lets you in. Your team can work like your hand.
  • Don't bite too deep into a peach or you will break a tooth.
    Sarah Mkhonza
  • When love sinks, it sinks deep. When it rises it rises real high. Watch out for the signs of sinking.
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