Quotations From SAREENA ASRAR

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  • ' People who never try to work hard can never win because hardwork is the key to success.'
    Try your best at everything.
  • Life is too short so break silly rules, laugh loudly and never resist to smile.
    Patience Happiness
  • Your first impression is your last impression so prepare for the worst and except the best.
    Patience Happiness Endurance
  • No matter what the world says, I am bulletproof.
  • My Blood Sweat and Tear's, turn it all into energy to achieve your goal.
    Life teaches you various lesson's.
  • Poetry can never reach it's peak until you have that fire on your soul.
    Imagination Creative Flow of Words
  • Live life with no worries.
  • You're too young to let the world break you.
    Fighting against the Cruel world
  • Don't be trapped in someone else's dream.
    Freedom is required.
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