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  • There is no Jesus more
    who will absorb
    all your sins in his cross.
    There is no Gautama more
    who will play the flute of wisdom
    sitting under the shade
    of the Bodhi Tree.
    There is no Krishna more
    who will pour down
    a cloud of love
    into the thirsty eyes of Radha.
    There is no Mohammad more
    who will save you
    from the clutch
    of the hungry Fire.

    Save a love-lorn poet, there is no savior more.
    Taken from the poem 'The Savior' belonging to ''Bongate Basati' (a collection of Bengali poems)
  • Birds have no country,
    Fishes no country.
    Rivers count no Army, no Border.

    Showing thumbs to all raising guns and mighty kings,
    the rivers move running, tearing all barbed wires
    of the Border.

    O Man, where have you got the Border
    and the border-guards?
    Taken from the poem 'Country' belonging to his book 'Julekhar Shes Jal'
  • You say, 'I love the rain.'
    But when it starts raining, you raise
    your umbrella over your head.

    You say, 'I love the Sun.'
    But when it spreads its rays, you start
    looking for shade.

    You say, 'I love the storm.'
    But when it starts blowing, closing doors and
    windows you alone get seated.

    You say, 'I love all men.'
    But when a poor man comes at your door in danger,
    in anger and in scorn your face turns red.
    Taken from the poem 'Hypocrisy' belonging to his book 'Tumi Bolo Tumi Bristi Valobaso'.
  • An innocent boy leaving the lap of mom
    opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world,
    and asked in a depressed voice, 'Where have I come? '
    I told him the name of the earth.

    The boy looked at the corners of the earth
    and with wonder and pain, seeing the towns and paths
    full of corpses and heart-rending bloods
    he further said,
    'Tell me how man lives in this hell.'

    I said to him, 'Oh, it's a shame!
    Where is man in this hell? '
    Taken from the poem 'A Strange Boy' belonging to his book 'Pranoyer Prathom Pap'.
  • When people detest war and death
    like a dead rotten rat that spreads intolerable bad smell
    which way a mad dog detests water for its hydrophobia, -
    that habitation then can be called a country of worthless people
    where the sun should not rise ever, it should not rain
    and crops should not grow in the fields.
    - Poem of Hatred (taken from Sayeed Abubakar's famous book 'Jukekhar Shes Jal')
  • Toiletries are not necessary for your beauty,
    silk-sari and gold ornaments are not necessary;
    o flower, which dress you stay in, your beauty
    speaks penetrating each cell of your whole body.
    - Ode to Flower, a poem by Sayeed Abubakar
  • I can't help offering a basket of snail-kisses
    when a woman like a duck stretches her lips wet with sunlight.
    When a woman stretches her love-lorn hands, o Yusuf,
    I can't refuse her like an impotent male.
    - O Yusuf (Taken from Sayeed Abubakar's one of the most popular Bengali poems belonging to his first book 'Pranoyer Prathom Pap')
  • You and me
    me and you
    grass and dew.
    -Sayeed Abubakar, A Love Poem
  • A rose has
    bloomed so far,
    I get smell,
    can't see her.

    A rose has
    bloomed so high,
    Nose gets smell,
    can't see Eye.

    Daylight comes,
    daylight goes;
    Sleepless I
    love the rose.
    -Sayeed Abubakar, A Rose
  • They are men too like us.
    They have the right to live.
    They need love very much;
    It's our duty to give.
    - They Are Men Too, Sayeed Abubakar
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