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  • One can only help, the ones who acknowledge their need for help; the adamant ones in their blindness will persist in blundering through meanderings, the end goal never reached.
    Observations of people and their behaviour
  • First its a one off,
    then it becomes somewhat frequent, metamorphose into habit,
    Soon its an addiction
    Resulting from an obsession
    when nothing matters!
    - - - - - -
    Seema Jayaraman, Mumbai,19Nov2015
  • I don't need alcholol, to be high, I'm always on a high. A dash of nature, some mountains and free flowing water, some music and fresh air with a touch of joy de verve is all that is required to get me dancing.
  • I don't need alcohol to get high, I'm already high on life.
  • Your double edged sword is contained by my steel sheath..@seemakj24
  • 'To see the invisible, close your eyes and look inside. You will find the inside merges seamlessly with the universe outside enabling the visualisation of the formless'. Seema Jayaraman,16Dec2015
    Seema Jayaraman
  • Yes Right. Turn away from the Mirror. Turn away from the person who shows you the mirror. Virtuality is cozier than reality especially when it cradles you in the folds of an old book.
  • Poetry is my secret sin, my late night affair, clandestinely conducted under covers after dark, with one finger typing verses in my cell..
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