Quotations From SHAUN CRONICK


  • May you and the loved ones around you live a long life filled with virtue.I wish you the best this life has to offer.Take care.
    For everyone.
  • Poets are lost, dark devils but see with the eyes of saving angels.
  • Welsh is the language of Heaven in which you speak with angels to.God made a terrible mistake, forgetting to name the earth Cymru.
    For Rebecca and the people of Wales.
  • My mother told me when I was twelve years old...'There are many writers who follow their mind and they write instinctively and there are writers who follow their heart and they write majestically.Always follow your heart shaun.Always.'
    My mother.My teacher.My promise.
  • Near the end of Manon Des Sources Yves Montand's reaction to the old woman's revealing truths.That is emotion brilliantly captured and portrayed.If a poet can bottle that emotion and put it down on paper then they are truly Blessed.
  • My mother told me...'You need to learn about Pandora's Jar.' I replied don't you mean Pandora's Box? My mother replied 'That is why you need to learn.'
  • I can be a real horse's arse sometimes...Ask around.
  • My father taught me how to box when I was a kid.He toughened me up.Basically, he didn't want a candyarse growing up in the household.
    A magnificent father
  • When I write.I don't think outside the box.I think outside the box-making factory.
  • I always write in blue.It's more memorable than black.My car however, is black.When driving I like to keep a low profile.
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