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  • 'the Greatest Trait of Nature is that it never fails balance itself.., and at every second!
  • God not Discouraged!

    Every child that comes into this world,

    is an indication, that,

    God is not yet discouraged of man.

    but with a message

    'stay innocent! and, in tune with the Nature! '
  • '...the Best and the Most beautiful Things can not be seen or even touched, they must only be felt by Heart '
  • While it is said, 'Invention of the 'wheel' accelerated the human civilization, it also decelerated... the Human advancemmemt in spiritual awareness amd progress!
    Spiritual progress
  • For one to realize that he/She knows very little, he/she must know a LOT!
  • Bury me Standing, for I am so tired of standing on my Knees all my Life.
  • ...very rarely any of us lie to ourselves consciously! but when we lie to others it is, that we're Lying to ourselves we may not notice or perceive, until a time we face the brunt. of it! ! !
    Honesty is the best policy.
  • God is still so kind and patient looking at us and our mean sense, that, some day we all grow and get to know him thru his immaculate design we call 'Universe'!
  • 'never leave the hand of Child in you, for, in later times he will be the most loyal friend, and at the old age he will prove to be the most healthy companion! '
    Child in you
  • Trees and Plants are such wonderful Factories giving us fruits and all for us to sustain and they take hardly anything from us..! !
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