Quotations From SIR TOBY MOSES

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  • A Mad man's folly is like a clock with broken
    hands; Sometimes it's right when You take time to
    study it, but a Drunkard sayings are all daft and
    often full of foolery;
    A Mad man sayings are sometimes right!
  • Dost poets quills not damage of
    aspersions, Yet they writes `em off on their
    Are emperors not slain of infamy, still they
    ascents and declare ukases;
    If warriors are kill`d to hast a chicken-
    heart, yet they rise and win
    A man like yourself did it, It's in eagles'
    eyes, It's in your strong hands, You too can
    do it!
    You too can do it, If you don't give in to the odds
  • Believe but never trust men
    You can believe men but never trust them
  • Whoso'ver desires peace must prepare to be a
    captain of War, and no achieved justice without a
    little Violence.
    Peace by any means is not easily accomplish
  • Whilst men were Made of no Law, Our conscience wilt
    be of a strapless horse; And every ambitions will
    be the track on which its rides.
    If there is no existence of law, Every man would do and undo without a check or sanction
  • The deadly poison only killeth a Man's flesh, not his soul; but what are admired as pleasant and beautous wilt kill both flesh and soul
    The pleasant and beautiful things we admires on earth are capable to kill both man's flesh and soul
  • The diagram and plan of man's life is already drawn out
    by God; but its Construction, Execution and
    designation is up to Man.
    Every one is made good with one gift or talent but you must encounter some hardships or unpleasants to achieve the goals.
  • Quick correction for flaw made; makes a man perfect
    None is super-perfect but a perfect man is the one cautious of everything he doeth, make quick'n correction in any flaw made.
  • If you find it difficult to be a good role
    model, then you wilt serve as a corrective label to
    defiant and rebels
    Duo is the path of life, You either be a saint or a culprit
  • Sharp tools sharpens the diligent man's hand
    When a man is diligent his work, he will becomes rich and affluent.
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