Quotations From STEVENS CADET

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  • 'May the Art we paint with our Hearts live forever'
  • May the Art we paint with our hearts live forever
    I was at an Art Exhibit and came up with this line after painting my first work of art while at Genesee Community College in 2012
  • The only one's who say money is not the root of all evil
    Are the one's whose printing it
    From my poem, Ghetto Degrees
  • We couldn't fly but falling for each other felt like we learned how to glide
    From my poem, The Rhymes of a Pleaser
  • You Love the type of guys that make you stable
    Yet these chills down your spine leaves you unbalanced & enabled
    From my poem, The Rhymes of a Pleaser
  • Change the world or die trying not to let it change you
    From a conversation I had with someone who asked what I'm doing to change the world
  • In a World full of antics.
    You make being real feel like Magic
    From a poem I wrote...2/11/15
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