Quotations From SUSAN WILLIAMS

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  • It is true that it is not a good thing to take everyone at face value- -especially in an age of so many face-lifts.
    ~~~~~~~~~~Susan Willians
  • Diatribes are known for their intolerance- - which makes it difficult to tolerate them.
    ~~~~~~~Susan Williams
  • We need to remember that death is a daily possibility therefore we should not only enjoy every moment but also make it a moment we are proud to have lived.
    Susan Williams
  • I like haiku- they are so very brief yet cover so much ground
    - -Susan Williams
  • A life of adventure is good health food for the imagination of a writer.
    Susan Williams
  • The joy of writing- -is that we can go wherever our pen takes us.
    Susan Williams
  • If the pain is never sharp, can the passion ever be deep?
    ~~~~~~~~~Susan Williams
  • If laughter is the best medicine, then Shel Silverstein is the best pharmacist of them all. ~~~~~Susan Williams
    Susan Williams
  • Sometimes elegance is saying something simply.
    ~~~~Susan Williams
  • Every autumn we learn the same lesson- we can't live in the past, it's 'leaving'.
    ~~~Susan Williams
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