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  • Spend your life
    with what makes
    You happy and gives light.
    This is mainly for youth.
  • Your life is your gf/bf and your body is you.
    So keep loving, caring and watching him/her.
    Try to make and keep her/him happy with your days by acheving knowledge and with your good fruits of
    Don't hurt him/her or you will be hurted by
    Ways of making good life.
  • Give your today...
    Tomorrow will be yours...
    For the students to get success.
  • Being simple is one of the most beautiful thing on earth.
    My way of living
  • Gwjwna ma? Biyw nwng lubwinaibadi nonga; Biyw jadwng nwngninw maba mwnse maounaini, hwnaini, nagarnaini arw beni thakhai nwngnw maba mwnse janaini fithaisw. Nwng jesebang gabkhraouseaoubw, gabseaoubw, bwrabseaoubw arw lenghorseaoubw Biyw fwiya judwi bwifwr gwiya.
    To all.
  • *Take the faith only to some people but not to all. There are some people who only comes a time not at all the times like all. You will never see to some people around. Only when u will realise u will find ne see them. So keep faith to them and make it yours.
    For Tennagers
  • My fellow-Eat and let eat.
    For the world hunger this is my only words i will say today for 842 million people, who do not have enough to eat in the world and for around 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted or lost globally around the year.
  • You are the one who can change and bring changes.
    For the youth
  • A hungry stomach
    An empty pocket
    A broken heart teaches the best lesson in life....
    Life lesson
  • Friendship Is A Relation,
    Where No Charges Of Activation,
    Free Incoming,
    Free Outgoing,
    With Roaming Facility
    All Over The World., , !
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