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  • 'A Mother is the complete human being on earth,
    the caring and loving person,
    the only one to whom daughters write the greatest tribute,
    the safest place to come home...
    a Mother is like Home....' (Sylvia Frances Chan)

    from her poem: 'My Tribute to MOTHER.....Day'
    Original Title: An Essay on Mother, then today reposted: My Tribute To MOTHER.....Day Sunday 14th May 2017, MotherDAY
  • Mediocrity Today....?
    It does not exist in my vocabulary
    that's why I love Voltaire
    he had such a faced air, really
    it's all in mine vocabulary....

    from the poem WOMEN, WARRIORS OF HONOR
    by © Sylvia France Chan.
    from the poem WOMEN, WARRIORS OF HONOR by © Sylvia France Chan.
  • It is the mind that speaks and never stops.
    the source of this Quotation is in her response to a Dutch poet in his poem: 'The Other Side of Love'
  • The most difficult deed
    to conquer yourself
    especially in times of need
    Most Difficult
  • The eyes of a photographer sees the scene, the camera does its working technically, but to have a painting photographed like this, you must have the Bliss, my dearest friend....and you HAVE and POSSESS that Bliss, I am sure since I have the evidence: This Poem Photography by your Golden Mind....the Mind sees the scene and commands the Eyes, your Eyes....and Please start reading above over again, and the circle is completed (Quotation by me, hihi) for the photography of dearest Janey
    Jane Taylor, all round artist, born on the 9-11 but not that fatal year (2001) . She was born in the 1970`s!
  • today she prefers to wear the pink glasses
    though she knows the raw reality
    of brutal mankind and of pure jealousy
    till today she has only the darkest glasses....
    this quote belongs to me, in one of my new books
  • A Friend is one who'll always try
    to lift your spirits high
    A friend will know the tears are nigh
    Before they reach your eye
    Quotation by Anonymous
  • My Friend!
    Though I may never meet you
    And our paths may never cross
    I know that what we have
    Shal never ever be lost
    By Anonymous
  • Time flies - snail wise
    My comment on The Year has ebbed away by Robert M. Smith (latest poem 5 Dec 2018)
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