Quotations From TAMARA ROBALO


  • I'd like to fly and become part of the beautiful blue plan.
  • When you find yourself complaining about something, believe me or not, but what you're complaining about is nothing but the reflex of one characteristic you associate(d) to yourself now/before and something made you dislike it. You do not complain about what you can't relate to yourself.
  • Nothing really exists but the self. The self is not you or me, not yourself, not myself. The self is present when you simply are (when you lose your-self) and you can't express it through words.
  • The will of the heart, besides interest or wanting, the true attraction over something is the will of the self. And that's the only truth.
  • You can feel love, you can feel true love, but true love will never fulfill you if there's no connection
  • Don't fight for any relationship, if you deeply don't feel like it. You shall have no fear of experiencing new things. And remember, the more true you are, the better you'll feel in the future.
  • When you feel someone attacking you, stay quiet for a while, breathe and do not answer back with hate, but with compassion, because that person doesn't know hurting others is hurting yourself
    Universal Laws
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