Quotations From TAMEEKA SMITH

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  • Anger only hurts the one who's angry.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • Smiling is life's sunshine.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • The saddest people are the ones
    who validate trying to destroy a
    person by blaming the person who
    they are trying to destroy.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • Good music is like watching
    a good movie if it doesn't make
    you feel like you are a part of it
    it is not good.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • Music helps me to tap into an
    area of my soul where I never
    knew existed.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • When you work hard at despising
    a person it may actually be something
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • Every moment that I live
    has to account for something.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • You were everything that I wanted temporarily.
    Yet nothing that I needed permanently.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • Losing people who mean nothing
    in your life is like losing weight
    once you lose them you feel better.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
  • Love after a while
    Can become fickle
    But respect kept
    Can last eternal.
    Tameeka Smith (2014)
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