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  • For time is the longest distance between two places.
    Tennessee Williams (1914-1983), U.S. dramatist. Tom, in The Glass Menagerie, sc. 7 (1944).

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  • You've got many refinements. I don't think you need to worry about your failure at long division. I mean, after all, you got through short division, and short division is all that a lady ought to be called on to cope with.
    Tennessee Williams (1914-1983), U.S. dramatist. Silva to Baby Doll, in Baby Doll (film), set 43 (1957).
  • The world is a funny paper read backwards. And that way it isn't so funny.
    Tennessee Williams (1914-1983), U.S. dramatist. Self-interview, in Observer (London, April 7, 1957).

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  • I don't believe in villains or heroes, only in right or wrong ways that individuals are taken, not by choice, but by necessity or by certain still uncomprehended influences in themselves, their circumstances and their antecedents.
    Tennessee Williams (1914-1983), U.S. dramatist. New York Post (March 17, 1957).

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