Quotations From TIMOTHY LONG

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  • Bullys are the small group who should perish not by voilence, but by non violence, words not fists, thats the awnser to our problem.
  • People don't die from suicide, they die from sadness.
  • Music is the only thing in the world that can block out madness, and can be consumed in the sadness, for it helps the soul survive even if only for a short time.
  • Nobody feels anybody else's pains because they're not their.
  • You left me in the darkness, you left me all alone, why did you, you said you were alright, you said you wouldn't leave, but that fateful night you did. why because you left with out a whisper, you left without a word. not even saying anything to the world. good bye dear heart because here comes the darkness
  • They say we only fear fear itself, but what of death and sickness, so easy for humans to die, and yet how we survive it all is a miracle to me.
  • The walls have never closed in on me as much as they have now
  • Letting go is the ultimate weakness......
    letting go
  • The tears were like acid on my skin, the ones you caused and never spill, happy you are with the new guy, sad I am of being the old one.
  • The massacre bleeds red, the screams do grow, then silent night does come
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