Quotations From TONY ADAH

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  • We live in heaven here on earth and gravity of our sins is an inverse proportion to our happiness.
  • If God created us here on earth and the earth is not the only planet, he must have created other beings in other planets science is yet to see.
  • Those who rely on war to settle issues have spent their intellect.
  • My country mistakes civil rule for democracy, politics in democracy is about people, it is not about individuals. The leaders (not statesmen) behave like hunters, they kill and share.
  • As a microbiologist, little things matter to me as they matter to the world because they build up to big issues.
    little things
  • Truth's short limbs linger in a journey but the giants strides of falsehood are brief.
  • The more we are acquainted with history the more we violet its lessons.
  • Those who come with noise like a storm may not as destructive be like it.
  • When you feast a village, the village can finish all the food and drinks but when the village feast you, you borrow stomachs.
  • A nation found without the travails and sweat of nationhood will be a cheap nation and a heap of cards.
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