Quotations From UCHE NWANZE

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  • Lord weed all impure and unholy thoughts in the garden of my heart and cultivate the seeds of pure and holy thoughts that I may have harvest the fruits of holiness. Discard from the factory of my mind all toxic desires that I may manufacture by-products of love. Grease the wheels of my heart that i may control my emotions.
  • Breaking new grounds begins with Breaking out of your shell, Breaking every barrier even if you have to break bones and old affiliations
  • The COMPASS gives you direction of where you wish to go. The MAP gives you the location of different places but the HEART is what leads you to your destination. Don't take your Heart for granted or you'll get to the wrong destination.
    The Heart
  • Necessity may be the Mother of Invention but Improvisation is the Father of Necessity.
  • It is not enough to think Big, dream Big or talk big. What matters at the end of the day is to Work Big, so you may become BIG
  • If you must be in the news or headlines it shouldn't be for the wrong reasons. Don't get yourself enmeshed in the murky waters of scandal. Your INTEGRITY is sacrosanct and PRICELESS. Don't mortgage it for anything or for the spur of the moment
  • If you lose Fame, you may get it back somehow. If you lose Fortune, you get it back someday but if you lose your HONOUR and RESPECT, you may NEVER get it back again.
    Honour and Respect
  • I fear not my adversary because I know his strength, I know his Achilles's heel and I know his intentions. I fear my friend ' cos i ain't sure what lies behind his charming smiles.
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