Quotations From UPENDRA ARARTI

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  • Like stars lie alone in the sky.You need to collect them for a constellation.In the planet, more so in wee hours,
    sights and sounds lie alone.You need to collect them into a constellation.
    things lie in collection.
  • We have spent up our pure curiosities.And humanity has been benefited by those. Now you bank upon children's
    curiosities, cleverly harvesting those for further benefits.
  • Don't drive too fast on intellect lane.You will find, lane is filled with emotion humps.
  • Beware of monkeys around you who have lost their tails
    by accident.They are trying to clamp on you, their lifestyle
  • Life is unlike the summing up of 1 to 50 by the formula of
    50 multiplied by 51 divided by two.
    Life is summing up 1 plus 2 plus 3 upto 50.
    Both the ways result is same.
    life sum.
  • Love gravitates towards hearts like an object falling
    by gravitation,32 feet per second square, but rarely at uniform speed, because like object, it falls from above, from moon.
  • Humanity is, intermittently forgetting that woman is the only medium of motherhood.
  • At the age of 59, I realise that life is not about riding away your warhorse leaving behind moon, songbird, the tall weed, the cool eve breeze for more money.There was a alternative way of self actualisation remaining with the aforesaid.
  • The leaves tell wind, blow in symmetry, if blow you must.
  • we are not following meticulous demeanour even of a sparrow.
    the planet
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