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  • There can be no seed in a field of flowers.
    Attributed to growth. In a field of flowers where flowers bloom, how can a seed remain forever dormant?
  • Life achieves its difficulty by judging your capability.
    Attributed to Life.
  • Nature and Destiny are both bent by Will, not Wishes.
    To Will power.
  • Truth varies not. Interpretation does.
    To Truth.
  • Rejection comes when one sees one's own suffering, exalted, in another.
    To rejection
  • To rephrase the original quote, to strive for perfection without achieving the level-good is as good as not beginning at all.
  • Dissolution is a necessity where morality is constantly corrupted by power.
    On Destruction and Change.
  • Impatience is the only cause of defeat.
    On impatience
  • Persistence is a child's play. The sad part is, this world has only adults.
    On persistence and hard-work
  • You can neither defeat God nor His Creation. You are His own manifestation. You are God.
    On Ego
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