Quotations From VINCENT SOMTO

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  • We do not know to what extent our influence would stop if we decide to unleash our potentials
  • Have you wondered why the devil tries to keep men busy? We are created to recreate, Whatever we do whether good or bad is meant to be a success.
  • I have experienced no great peace than that which is gotten in the lines of the scripture
  • The right thing, all seems to know, but to do the right you must master the self
    Self control
  • Just as every particle travels on its own course, so is every organism, follow yours and seek not for another
    Focus and direction
  • The really brave does not say he is brave
  • Intelligent minds dwell in heights, where the unintelligent cannot savour
  • Every human on earth with a brain is a potential great soul, for the brain which is the only natural resource given to man by God, if utilized and developed has the ability to make one an irreplaceable factor of creation
  • Don't try to be like someone else, just be yourself for that is all there is to be
  • When you rate yourself on the scale of success, look at no other, but evaluate your accomplishment with your strenght
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