Quotations From VISHAL SHARMA

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  • Sometimes we think only about a figment of all the things happening to us and we see devil to the rest.
    my thoughts
  • when someone asks me what I am going to do with my life, I simply laugh and tell I am doing right now.
  • look all around you, if you get what you want-never stop trying
    way of life
  • life is an album of pain and misery.It's upto you how you see the pictures.
    life rules
  • love has the melting point greater than osmium though it is as tender as butterfly wings...! !
    love hacks
  • If you can't be the poet..be the poem.
  • success is what we do in the darkness and what we dont in daytime.
  • Love is not that comes from experience; It is experience that comes from love.
  • Songs are sung fast but they are written slowely.
  • Worst is yet to come.
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