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  • Love is the very basic law of Christianity just as self-centeredness is the very basic law of anti-Christianity.
    What I have learned after 5 years of being a genuine Christian believer
  • No color, position, or activity can make a man more than a man. He is just a man; nothing more.
    The stand that I take against racism, supremacism, and discrimination.
  • How can the human mind know the exact measure of the infinity?
    An argument for faith
  • Enjoy life like the children. Think wise like the old.
    About growing up.
  • What right do we have to complain when Christ never complained at all?
    What I had learned as I went through moments of struggles.
  • No, I don't say the F-word. I'm a crowned prince and a crowned prince don't speak the language of mongrels.
    Speaking as a rapper being a devout Christian believer and conservative. My idea of being a crowned prince is based on John 1: 12 and Romans 8: 16-17.
  • Grace isn't a liberation that licenses us to sin; rather, it's a favor that helps us to say no to sin.
    It's actually a Tweet - my personal reaction against the modern day teaching of Hyper-Grace gospel.
  • Who said CHH can't make love songs? CHH is all about love and its Author, homies!
    After listening to Christon Gray's 'School of Roses' album.
  • Give me a thousand reasons to hate you and I will remind myself a thousand times about that one reason why I love you.
    One of my out-of-the-blue quotations in those days that I got hooked on Christon Gray's 'School of Roses' album
  • I don't look at a Christian by his theology. I look at him by how Christ has changed him from the inside out. I may not fully agree with his theology, but I will love him because he is my brother.
    I posted this on Facebook as a reaction on the debates that I read in Christian forums.
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