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  • 'The entrance to this world is birth, death is the exit to life, between life and death, between entrance and exit we perform our roles, choice and destiny'
    Role, choice, death, life
  • 'Money is a religion of greed in this world, they worship it.'
    Money, behaviour
  • ' A virtue of place is vice of another place '
    Place, culture, law
  • 'we all have a condition, we all crave a conclusion' we are all living in condition not conclusion'
    Death life, religion
  • 'Strive for your conclusion as Paradise,
    If you seek without striving to be on the right path,
    It is merely seeking or merely wishing to be,
    Can a ship sail on desert, or sail on mirage, Oh seeker,
    Or wishing without striving is dreaming a sugar pyramid at middle of ocean, which can't hold. Indeed, sugar pyramid is not similar to archipelago or Island in qualities'
    'By Lord's mercy, by being a Muslim, Seek and strive to let Paradise be your conclusion hereafter'
  • When I get to Paradise, I will be saying all praises again,
    Jannah is the best conclusion from my Lord mercy that benefit me,
    but in this word, whether I or you have money, poor, sick, health, worst, best,
    we are all in a condition as life, hereafter is the conclusion,
    and I will always seek in prostration from my Lord, for Paradise as my conclusion,
    for I fear a conclusion as disbeliever. I strive to conclude my life as Muslim,
    Surely all heart with my Lord, while we are all given choice
    Life, Religion
  • we are all in condition not conclusion,
    if rich or poor, sick or healthy you are,
    we are all in a condition not conclusion,
    if best or worst, believer, happy, or sad,
    we are all in a condition not conclusion,
    if believer you are, it is a condition,
    keep seeking your Lord to be a Muslim
    as conclusion till death comes to you
    Life, Religion
  • 'Fools (Hypocrite) never hurt themselves with a brunt sword.'
    Behaviour, Hypocrite
  • 'Adhered to deed is reward as wings to flight.'
    Deed, Reward
  • 'Has any bird flies without wings,
    Has any fish swim fins,
    Allah control whole world,
    I swear this truth'
    Nature, Religion
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