Quotations From YUSUF OJO

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  • 'Constantly, you are on whitelist of my heart (Mind) '
  • 'The ripest fruit man craves to catch first'
    Beauty, Best, Woman
  • 'Do a good deed that will defeat all bad deeds'
  • We are all define by our blood
    Family, reunion, Nature
  • A good deed that defeat all past bad deeds.
    A good deed that defeat all bad deeds.
    Wisdom, Forgiveness, Religion, Charity
  • 'My Lord created floating lamps in the sky'
    Nature, Benefit, Religion, Gratitude
  • 'Allah has brighten the world by lamps'
    Nature, Creation, Religion, Wisdom
  • 'Crime unite people when interest is common'
    Crime, Interest, People, Reason
  • 'In present, the future you have never see, the past you have not meet, Qur'an and Hadith revealed it all to know,
    where all expressions are'
    Knowledge, Religion, Science, Event
  • ' A swan is not like a swine '
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